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TONA Lodge is the first cultural tourist lodge in Tanzania and has stood the test of time.

Standing at 1340 Asl) overlooking Mkomazi National Park, the centre was established at Mbaga Village in 1998 to support significant environmental activity in the area, which has been identified as one of the sites of Global and National significance in terms of Biodiversity values.

A tour of the Southern Pare Mountains includes:

  • A trip to the hilltop Ranzi Dam and Tona grounds to get glimpses of German history, and unique flora and fauna
  • A climb to the different mountain peaks from where you get excellent views of Mkomazi National Park, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Shengena Peak and Taita hills of Kenya
  • A view of Shengena Peak, the highest point of the Eastern Arc Mountains
  • A view into Pare culture

Different tours are on offer:

Half day walking tours

1: Mghimbi Caves and Malamen Rock
Visit the Mghimbi Caves, which in 1860 were used as hiding places during slave raids. Proceed to Malameni Rock where untill 1930, thousands of children were sacrificed to the Gods to appease the evil spirits.

2: Mpepera View Point
From this viewpoint, see Mt. Kilimanjaro and the expanse of the Mkomazi Game Reserve. A cross on the hilltop symbolizes a peaceful union between the Protestants and Roman Catholics of the area.

One day tours

1: Tona Moorland – Ranzi Dam
From Tona Lodge, walk though lush rainforests to view Malameni Rock and Proceed to Tona Moorland. Behind the moorland. Behind the Moorland are ruins from the period of German missionary influence in Mbaga Hills. Go on to Ranzi Dam, where you can picnic beside a natural spring.

2: Heiganda Duma viewpoint
Visit Mbakweni village, home to traditional healers and breweries. Go on to Mlamba Natural Caves and Chabaru, a traditional village, before you begin your ascent to Heiganda Duma viewpoint.

3: Ikongwe village tour
From Tona Lodge, walk along the mountain terraces and waterfalls. The area abounds in tropical fruits. On the way back, stop by Mpepera viewpoint.

4: Red Reservoir tour
This is an excellent picnic and bird viewing sport high in the mountains near the Tona Moorlands.

3 days hike – Shengena Forest

  • Day 1: Leave Tona Lodge early morning and walk through the green countryside to Chome Village. Stay with a local family, sample the local food and enjoy the rich Pare culture.
  • Day 2: Continue your ascent to the edge of Shengena Forest, where you can camp under the stars.
  • Day 3: Rise at 4 am and hike up Shengena Peak to watch a stunning sunrise. Pare 4×4 car round trip The beautiful Pare mountains can be explored by driving around. Visit the villages and the farmers, and listen to the legends of the Pare people.

Getting there: Mbaga hills are about 150 km from Moshi. Buses are available from Dar es Salaam up to Same. At the bus stand, directions can be obtained about public Transport to reach Mbaga Hills. (Income from tourist visits will be used to subsidize energy-saving stoves and for education scholarships to the local vocational training centre.)

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